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Mar Zutra Kahana

Mar Zutra Kahana

Another year, hopefully a brighter, happier time but as indicated in my previous articles on Zechariah in Windows of Futures Past, you immediately can see that the year is quickly spiraling down into the chaos that was predicted. Whether it be New York, Paris, Sydney, or London, the populations in all those countries stand at the brink of impending disasters and just as those articles related, most of them cannot even see the black clouds that are gathering on the horizon. So be it, it is the way it was meant to be, and all the screaming into the wind will fall on deaf ears until the howling begins. The ten men to stand up and stop the coming disaster never even passed a shadow across my brow, so what happens is what must occur and I am but a witness to it as it unfolds. It should be no surprise to anyone that we court God's displeasure. We have done so since the beginning of time, flaunting our desires over His will and never relenting in our misbegotten ways. This can be no more evident than in my latest novel to be released, 'ZUTRA', a story of how we were sent a deliverer, a messiah so-to-speak in the truest sense, to change the world, free us from bondage, and bring all the people of this world closer to God, but in the end the people, primarily those closest to him, those that falsely proclaimed themselves as true men of God, plotted and schemed, until they sacrificed his life on an altar of deceit and wantonness. This is his story but it is also our story. It clearly shows that the more we believe we have changed, we have not changed in even the slightest degree when it comes to those values that actually count and are measured by the Almighty. To all those that follow my articles, I hope that you will download Zutra, (available only electronically) from Amazon and Kindle and read it not as entertainment, which it certainly is, but as a moral lesson directed at all of us. Mar Zutra Kahana was not my direct ancestor. Those roles were fulfilled by his father, Mar Huna, and by one of his wives, which in itself should strike you as particularly strange, but as they say, truth is often stranger than fiction. Once again, this is a factual historical recounting of events, biographical in nature, but shocking in all that it will disclose. It will answer once an for all how the animosity between my family and the Rabbanites arose in the first place and why there can never be peace until they admit fully the measure of their sins.


For those of you wishing to have a brief synopsis of the book, I will condense its 500 pages down to a minimum for you. Let me add, that even though this synopsis will give you a brief outline of the story, it provides only a fraction of what story is about and in no way reveals the many twists and turns that are involved. For those you will have to read the novel in its entirety and only then will you come to understand the man known as Zutra.
Born in 479 AD into the family of Exilarchs (Jewish hereditary kings) the story opens with Zutra’s witnessing his father’s execution in the public square of Ctesiphon, the capital city of the Sassanid Empire. The crime for which his father has been punished was the kidnapping and rape of the daughter of Reb Hanina, one of the chief rabbis of Mahoza. Historical documentation passed down by the legal courts known as the Beth Din record it as such. This grievous event was further compounded when Zutra wass forced to accept the man responsible for his father’s death as his legal guardian until he becomes of age to be Exilarch; two years of living in the household with those responsible for destroying his life. All this was further complicated by his continued cravings for his childhood sweetheart whom happened to be that same daughter involved in the accused rape. It would have been impossible for this real-life Oedipal existence not to have influenced the young prince, scarring him emotionally.
On his eighteenth birthday Zutra was declared Exilarch and immediately turned the tables on all those that had benefitted from his father’s death. Summoning the time-honoured 400, his father’s elite guard, he placed all those responsible for the murder of his father under house arrest, taking back his estate and possessions, and forcing Reb Hanina's daughter into another marriage contract much to the horror of many who saw this as sacrilege. Their marital encounters that followed were both heated and tempestuous, as one can imagine.
Meanwhile the Sassanid Empire was under threat from within as the Great Shah Kavad’s nobles plotted insurrection and intrigue, involving Zutra amongst their cabal and together they plan the inevitable coup d’├ętat. While the young Prince stamped his personal imprint on the city of Mahoza, his cousin and Vizier, Mordecai ben Kahana convinced Zutra that with his new status he must seek a wife with far greater influences and alliances than obtainable through a marriage to a Chief Rabbi's daughter. An invitation was sent out to the kings, nobles and barons of the Empire but it went unexpectedly further, reaching the Kingdom of Northern Wei. The Chinese Emperor sent his beautiful daughter, the Princess Ti-Ping west in response to the invitation. To everyone’s surprise, they discovered that her personal escort was a man thought dead for the past 25 years and who wielded enormous influence and power..
Unforeseen, through deception and manipulation, the arrested Reb Hanina escapes and with his fellow conspirators managed to liberate the imprisoned Kavad, putting into motion the plot that will see Zutra torn from his throne. Assuming full control of the combined Sassanid, Mahozan and allied Byzantine forces, the Princess from Northern Wei's protector achieved a string of successes that saw his army crush Kavad’s forces time and time again. For almost seven years, Zutra ruled Mahoza offering freedom to all of his people for the first time in over five centuries.
What happened next can only be described as the greatest betrayal of all time.
Zutra is a story of love, hate, peace and war. It is a true recording of one man's rise to the pinnacle of greatness only to witness his own tragic fall through the betrayal of love. This is the true story which his enemies afterwards felt the necessity to almost completely erase fearing that it would inspire others who desired freedom.

The Next Story: The Glittering Man

For those that believe the promise of Mar Zutra and his descendants ended with his death on Sargon Bridge, in that regard, I will correct your assumption. I believe the actual end to this story is written in a very old and obscure book, difficult to find but still in existence, entitled"The Secret History of the Mongols" the original dating from 1227. That book states that the great Genghis Khan was descended from a mysterious ancestor that had come from a distant land in the west. This ancestor of noble and ancient bloodlines was forced to leave his kingdom without explanation, creating part of the mystique surrounding the Mongol conqueror. Exactly who this man may have been was never disclosed but his existence became the justification for Genghis Khan's claim to have been destined to rule the world. Years later, several more details were provided by the Persian historian Rashid-al-Din, who recorded it in his book simply titled"Chronicles" that this unknown ancestor was a tall, long-bearded,red haired and green eyed individual. What compounded the mystery further was that he referred to him as the Glittering Man; an omnipotent being who impregnated the legendary matriarch of the Mongols, Alan-Ko thereby establishing the several lines of Mongol rulers that came afterwards from this union. Ten generations in fact are recorded from Alan-Ko to the Great Genghis Khan, roughly six hundred years in total.
From a scientific standpoint, there may be some proof of the legend being more of a reality than a myth. With the haplotyping of the likely DNA sequence for Genghis Khan derived from his descendants there were several anomalies that distinguished him from the general Mongolian population. This in particular concerned the number of alleles for DYS markers 391, 392, 426, 455 and 459a. When compared to the Khallach, the predominant Mongolian ethnic population it becomes obvious that the sequences for these genes came from a different ethnic group. Examining 17 different Mongolian populations the allele number for DYS391 was 9 for all of them. Ghenghis Khan’s descendants were 10 as were my family. For DYS 392, only the Japanese were consistently 11 like the Khan’s but we know he was not of Japanese stock. In general Mongolian alleles number 10. My family was also 11 like that of the Khan. DYS428 is known as having the lowest mutational rate at 0.00009, so what it is now was probably what it has always been since the dawn of time and for the Khan that number is 11, again identical to my family. DYS455 has a similar low mutation rate at 0.00016 and again for both the Khan and my family the number of alleles is 11. Then lastly we look at DYS459a, the number of alleles commonly being 9 for Mongolian populations but once again the Khan’s family and mine are in agreement at 8.
Though none of this will actually prove that the Glittering Man was a descendant of the Kahana, it does demonstrate that Genghis Khan did have an ancestor that was outside the general genetic pool of Mongolians and whereas my haplogroup is J2 and his is C, with agreement of five markers that have key qualities, the possibility of the legend being true is given at least some credence. But enough of the scientific dissertations as you’re probably wondering how any of this relates to the subject matter of my manuscript. For the answer to that question you will have to await my next book.

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The Windows of Futures Past 6

The Windows of Futures Past 6: In the Last Days

I pray that everyone has come through the Holy Days unscathed and with a new awareness of the times we live in and what is transpiring in the world around us. Sukkoth is a time to reap the harvest, to be thankful for the bountiful abundance that has been provided to sustain us. But it is also a time to prepare the storehouses, ensuring that we have what we need to survive the coming winter, until such times that the crops can be harvested once more. And this winter will be a harsh one as you are all about to bear witness. The enemies of truth and justice surround us, harass us, and now threaten us with both war and pestilence simultaneously. One threat is human, or what should be considered an abomination of humanity, with their twisted version of Islam. The second threat is now biological, coming from Africa to the shores of America and it will not stop there. All this was foretold, and as long as there are politicians in the west more concerned with votes than people, then the threats will rise like a tidal wave until they wash away everything before them. I want to commend my brothers in Nigeria. I have talked with Derek and the community is managing to be strong in their adherence to Karaism despite the oppression of both Muslim fanatics, as well as Christian messianists that have also been antagonistic to the community, not to mention their proximity to the West African nations suffering from the Ebola epidemic. I ask that you all pray for them, so that they do not waver in their faith and that Yahweh will watch over them and protect them. Derek asked when my next hub would be available on Zechariah, and as I explained to him, I was told to wait. Wait and see what was transpiring in the world over the Holy Days. To bear witness to the fruitless aerial bombardments against ISIS by America, while these butchers advance on even more towns and cities, leaving a wake of destruction in their path. Wait to see how a coalition of supposedly sixty countries amounts to nothing because their committment in words is not backed by any miliatry force as they all lack sincerity and conviction. Watch as a disease that has the potential to wipe out a high percentage of mankind is mishandled through ignorance and incopmetence by political hacks that beleive they have all the answers but in truth they know nothing. And now that I have borne witness, it is time to release this next prophecy, from the pages of Zechariah's Chapter 13. It gives us hope of surviving what will befall us, but we do not survive unscathed, and we do not continue to exist without having suffered immeasurably first.

Zechariah 13

Once again I have taken the liberty of translating the Hebrew phonetically for those that wish to read the Hebrew along side the standard English translation of Zechariah, followed by the interpretations as were presented to me (marked as A-Z:) and for which I have been instructed to pass on.
1 Beyoim hahu, yiyeh makor niftach, lebait David, ulyoishvai Jerusalem—lechatat, ulnidah.
1. In that day there shall be a fountain opened to the house of David and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem, for purification and for sprinkling.
A-Z: When that Day comes, and it surely will, the warrior spirit of David will be refreshed from the fountain of the Torah and the Children of Israel shall sanctify themselves and prepare for the coming battle anointed by the hand of God.

2 Vehayah bayoim hahu ne-um Yahweh Tsevaoit, achrit et-shemoit ha-atzabim min-ha-eretz, veloh yizakru, oid; vegum et-hanevi-im ve-et-rucha hatumah, a-avir min-ha-eretz.
2. And it shall come to pass in that day, saith the LORD of hosts, that I will cut off the names of the idols out of the land, and they shall no more be remembered; and also I will cause the prophets and the unclean spirit to pass out of the land.
A-Z: And it shall happen in those days, that Yahweh, the Lord of Hosts, says that He will destroy all these false idol worshippers, those that have followed their false prophet, with nothing but murderous and contemptuous spirits that have been an insult to the Lord with their idol worshipping of men and false teachings, and He will wipe them from the land that they have invaded, once and for all.

3 Vehayah, key-yinavay ish oid, ve-amru ailuv aviv ve-imoi yoldav lo tichyeh, key sheker dibarta beshaim Yahweh; udkarhu avihu ve-imoi yoldav behinavoi.
3. And it shall come to pass that, when any shall yet prophesy, then his father and his mother that begot him shall say unto him: 'Thou shalt not live, for thou speakest lies in the name of the LORD'; and his father and his mother that begot him shall thrust him through when he prophesieth.
A-Z: And when that day comes, as it surely will, all those Imams and Mullahs, both Sunni and Shiite, the parenting faiths of their false teachings will come to realize they have taught and spoken lies in the name of the Lord, and the people will rise up against these followers of Jihad and murder and destroy themselves from within.

4 Vehayah beyoim hahu, yaivshu haniv-im ish maichezyoinoi behinavotoi; velo yilbeshu aderet sai-ar, lema-an kachaish.
4. And it shall come to pass in that day, that the prophets shall be brought to shame every one through his vision, when he prophesieth; neither shall they wear a hairy mantle to deceive;
A-Z: And when that day comes as it surely will, all those leaders of this false and distorted faith in our Lord shall be brought down, and their lies shall be exposed for all to see, and any that claimed that it was the true faith, shall become ashamed that they had been deceived and they shall no longer spread these falsehoods.

5 Ve-amar, lo navi anochi; ish-oivaid adamah anochi, key adam hiknani menura.
5. But he shall say: 'I am no prophet, I am a tiller of the ground; for I have been made a bondman from my youth.'
A-Z: And let it be said, that these are the words of the one that so many refuse to see as a prophet, but I only claim to be a man that plants the seeds of truth in fertile soil, a teacher of those that seek the holy truth, for I was born a priest, unredeemed from the Lord and have served as such from the days of my youth, and I am His servant now and for all the days of my life.

6 Ve-amar ailuv, mah hamakoit ha-aileh bain yadechah; ve-amar, asher hukati bait me-ahava.
6. And one shall say unto him: 'What are these wounds between thy hands?' Then he shall answer: 'Those with which I was wounded in the house of my friends.' {P}
A-Z: And those that try to tear down my words and my teachings will say loudly: Look at the life of this man, look at his sins, the many times he has fallen away from the Torah. And I will answer, “Yes, it is true, I have gone astray many times, most often in the pursuit and fulfilment of friendship and I have let myself fall into sin, but I bear my wounds proudly for each one is a sign that I have learned, I have grown in spirit, and my love for Yahweh has increased exponentially as a result of my awareness of my personal failings.

7 Herev, uri al-ro-I ve-al-gever ahmiti-ne-um, Yahweh tsevaoit; hach et-haroi-eh utifutzenah hatzoin, vahashivoiti yadi al-hatzo-arim.
7. Awake, O sword, against My shepherd, and against the man that is near unto Me, saith the LORD of hosts; smite the shepherd, and the sheep shall be scattered; and I will turn My hand upon the little ones.
A-Z: Beware, all those that will raise accusations against My messenger, for he is loved by Me, sayeth the Lord and have no doubt of what he speaks comes from Me. All those that have dared to harm my messenger have found that they in turn have had that which they tried to do befall them even more severely, and I will curse those that curse him, so one day they may reflect on why such disasters have befallen them and they will come to know it was because they wished harm against My messenger and I have brought My hand against them.

8 Vehayah becol-ha-eretz, ne-um-Yahweh pi-shena-im bah,yikartu yigva-u; vehashlisheet, yivahter bah.
8. And it shall come to pass, that in all the land, saith the LORD, two parts therein shall be cut off and die; but the third shall be left therein.
A-Z: And when that day comes, as it surely will, I will utterly destroy all those that have entered My Holy Land, the two false religions that have distorted My words, and falsified teachings in the names of My prophets, and only those that follow the spirit and truth of the Torah shall remain.

9 Vehaivaiti et-hashlisheet, ba-aish, utzraftim kitzroif et-hakesef, uvchantim kivchoin et-hazahav; hu yikrah bishmi, va-ani ehehneh oitoi-amarti ami hu, vehu yoimar Yahweh elohah.
9. And I will bring the third part through the fire, and will refine them as silver is refined, and will try them as gold is tried; they shall call on My name, and I will answer them; I will say: 'It is My people', and they shall say: 'The LORD is my God.' 
A-Z: But the Children of Israel, the only one of the three that survives, are those whom I will preserve and cherish but still need to be refined, for their faith must be honed and restored, and the truth of the Torah must be clarified and redacted so that all will know, “This is My People and Yahweh is the one and only God.”

In Conclusion

All this is recorded in Zechariah, a book that was not only poignant in the prophet's time but as I have shown was meant to be applied to our time as well. The message is clear, it is resounding, but it will only serve its purpose if you choose to listen and decide upon which side you intend to stand with that line drawn in the sand. It is sad to watch our world disravel into turmoil. It is even sadder to see so many place their faith in the leadership of men that will take them even further down the path of destruction. Now is the time that we should be turning to Yahweh in greater numbers, the writing is clearly on the wall, yet still the vast majority will condemn those of us that believe in a higher purpose, believe in the Lord as being nothing more than followers of archaic and primitive beliefs that have no place in the 21st century. How wrong they are. What was true in the beginning is also true in the end. They are the ones that are misguided because they have lost the moral and ethical pathway that was intended to save us from the events transpiring around us. They will dismiss my words as nothing more than the ravings of a religious Zealot and they will continue to blindly adhere to their failed policies of political correctness while heads roll on the sand and people fear to touch the person beside them lest they catch a fatal disease. That is what the enemies of our people, the enemies of God are counting upon, this self-induced blindness and delusion that there is no such thing as 'evil' in this world. All this was foretold, all this is coming to pass.
Shalom Aleichim
Avrom Aryeh-Zuk KahanaI

Generations of the Kahana

Generations of the Kahana

From some of the comments I have received regarding my articles, there seems to be a misguided belief by many that the ancestry of today’s Jews has somehow been wiped clean as a result of the Nazis destroying Jewish records throughout Europe. This in many ways is a fallacy since for the majority of the Jewish population the records weren’t kept in the first place. Contrary to the Nazi propagandists, only a small percentage of Jewish families were of a socially high status, industrial magnates, or prominent in state politics that they maintained family historical records. Peasants, as most of the European Jews were, had no reason to keep records that had absolutely nothing of value to offer the future. This attitude was actually encouraged by the Rabbis who felt glorification of one’s past was tantamount to arrogance and false pride and only the House of Davidhad the right to lord itself over others. Larger cities did keep records of the Kohenim or priestly derived families and these were usually kept in the synagogues and as a result they were destroyed during the war. Amazingly, in spite of telling the common people that glorification of one’s ancestors was not desirable, there was a major effort by the rabbis in Europe to try and prove that they were descendants from the House of David. So what does that tell you about their motivations? Amongst Karaites, recording the family lineage was a sacred trust. All part of the historical justification of Karaism in the first place. And as you can see on my website http://legendsofthekahana.webs.com, the memorization of ten generations was necessary for the Ascent Ceremony. And since in most cases the Nazis overlooked Karaite communities leaving their historical records alone, it meant that anything written was preserved. In my family we have the good fortune of having a very complete genealogical records available. So to those that wish to argue with me about the impossibility of knowing my ancestors, I’d like to present them to you. With the hope even that some of you that read the record may possibly identify links to your own family if you have Jewish ancestry. As you will read, many of the branches have been lost to us but there is a chance you may know of some descendants that existed. But I’ll start from a more recent time point, that being from my ancestor Yaakov Kahana in the sixteenth century. His story is the ‘stuff of legends’ and I can proudly look back upon his life and say that what he did determined the direction of my family for the next four hundred years. So that being the case, I will begin there as I provide you with the Generations of the Kahana.

Kahana Chronicles

And in the year 1589, Yaakov Kahana, died in the city of Prague and his body was buried in a strange place by the Emperor and to this day we do not know where he was laid to rest. His wife Raisa Shakna remained in Brody with their two children, a son Yusef and a daughter Tanit. And Yusef held possession of the letter given on behalf of his father by the Emperor Rudolph II which granted the family rights and privileges which were to honour Yaakov for what he did in Prague during the years 1588 and 1589 which is described in the bookShadows of Trinity, http://www.eloquentbooks.com/ShadowsOfTrinity.html and he hid the letter away until such time that his family needed to call in the favour from the Emperor. But Yusef grew in the ways of his grandfather on his mother’s side, Rabbi Israel ben Shakna, and he forgot the ways of his father for Yaakov was not there to guide him in the Karaite beliefs, since he was only a youth when Yaakov died. And Yusef Kahana married Reisel Heller, the daughter of a rabbi and they had a son, Aryeh Lieb Kahana, and he in turn begat Shalom Shakhna Kahana, who begat two sons, Jacob Kahana and Abraham Kahana. And Jacob had three sons, one named after his father and was also called Shalom Shakhna Kahana, and Joseph Kahana of Heller, and lastly Zeev Wolf Kahana, and they were rabbis in their day forgetting the ways of the family. And this son Shalom Shakhna Kahana had a son Abraham Aryeh Lieb Kahana, who in turn had a son Solomon Zalmon Kahana and that is the last we know of the descendants of that son. And those are the generations of Shalom Shakhnah Kahana the son of Jacob Kahana the Elder.
And the other son Joseph Kahana of Heller had many sons, and they were Mordecai Kahana, whom in turn had his own son Judah Kahana, whom begat Daniel Kahana, whom begat Mordechai Kahana, whom begat Judah Kahana and that is the last we know of the descendants of that son. And Joseph Kahana of Heller had another son named Daniel Kahana, whom begat Mordecai Kahana, whom had a daughter Esther that married Judah Greenfeld and that is the last we know of the descendants of that son. And Joseph Kahana of Heller had another son Haim and that is all we know of his line. And Joseph Kahana of Heller had another son, Abraham Lieb Kahana and he had three sons, David Heller-Kahana, Joseph Dov Heller-Kahana, and Hirsch Heller-Kahana and that is all we know of this line. And Joseph Kahana of Heller had another son Judah Kahana and he in turn had many sons, Jakob-Jokel, Zeev Wolf, Leibish, Nachman, Simeon Hirsch, Jehiel, Joseph Mordecai and a daughter Nissel. And there were no sons of Jakob-Jokel Kahana, and that is the last of his line that we know of. Zeev Wolf Kahana had a son that went by the name Nechemye Kahn and took for his wife Dvoyra, and begat Berisch Kahn whom also married a woman named Dvoyra and they in turn begat many children, Rikele, Nehemiah, Fradel, Henry, and Naftali. And Henry Kahn married Lottie Berkovics and they in turn had many children, Devorah, Gordon, Benjamin, Louis Avram-Leib, Annie, Esther and Joseph and that is the last we know of this line. And Naftali went by the surname Kahan and he married Estera Weiner and they begat Benjamin, Henry, Pepi, Gussie and Jennie and that is the last we know of this line. And Judah’s son Leibish had two sons, and these were Isaac whom married a daughter of the Panet family, and they had a son Arie Leibish, and that is all we know of the descendants of that line, and Berel (Dov) who married Sarah Taube Dortort and they had children, Fanny, Deborah, Simon, Louis, Regina and another daughter whose name has been lost. And Deborah married Sam Lieb Kalish and they had children, Rose, David and Helen. And Simon had children named Victor, Szeren and Louis. And Louis married Paula Klein and had children Laura, Adolph, Ernest, Harold, Sarah, Jesse and William. And Regina married Yehoshua Mordechai Dortort and they had children Arie-Louis, Sara Taube and Chaim Fishel. And the daughter whose name has been lost married a man surnamed Burger and they had two daughters, Sara and Ella and that is the last we know of the descendants of this line. And Judah’s son Nachman had a son Joseph Leib and two daughters, Malka and another whose name has been lost. And Joseph Lieb married Hantcha Panet and they had a daughter Frida Rivka. And Malka married Samuel Fruchter and they had a son Judah Arie. And the daughter whose name has been lost married Jacob Rosenberg and they had as son, Judah Abraham. And Judah’s son Jehiel had five children, Katriel, Haim Joseph Dov, Moses, Mordechai Arie, and Judah Jacob. And Haim Joseph Dov went by the surname Kahana-Heller and his children were Katreil, Moses Nachman, and two other daughters whose names have been lost. And Jehiel’s son Moses had a son Zvi Hisch Kahana-Heller. And Jehiel’s son Mordechai Arie married Tirza Fish and they had a son Yehuda Menachem Kahana and two daughters. And Yehuda Menachem Kahana married Frida Rivka Kahana, the daughter of Joseph Lieb Kahana and Hantcha Panet. And Jehiel’s son Judah Jacob had a son Samuel Zanwil Kahana and this is the last we know of the descendants of Jehiel.
And Judah’s son Joseph Mordecai Kahana-Heller had a son Jehiel Zevi and a daughter Channah Yente. And Jehiel Zevi had four children, Hayyim Aryeh Kahana, Joseph Mordecai Kahana, Jacob Gedaliah Kahana and Shraga Feiwish. And Hayyim Aryeh had a son Nahman who married Batyafa and that is the last we know of the descendants of Judah Kahana Son of Joseph Kahana of Heller. And those are the generations of Joseph Kahana Heller the son of Jacob Kahana the Elder.
And Zeev Wolf Kahana the third son of Jacob Kahana the Elder, had two sons, Judah Lieb Kahana and Abraham Aryeh Kahana. And Judah Lieb had sons Samuel Zanvil, Kalonymus and Aryeh Lieb Kahana. And Samuel Zanvil had two children, Nissel and Simcha Israel Kahana. And Simcha Israel had a son Samuel Zanvil. And Kalonymus had a son also named Samuel Zanvil. And Aryeh Lieb had a son named Nathan Zanvil haCohen Kahana. And that is all that is known of the decendants of Judah Lieb Kahana.
And Abraham Aryeh Kahana, the son of Zeev Wolf had sons Itzhok Kahana, Jacob Kahana, Joseph Kahana and Aharon Mordecai Kahana. And Itzhok Kahana married Rachel and they had a son Mordecai that was also called Mortche-Lieb Kahana and later in life he adopted the surname Goldenthal and he was married to Hanah Leah Belzar. And the children of Mordecai and Hanah Leah are well chronicled in the books of the Goldenthals of New York and there is no need to describe their generations here.
And Abraham’s son Jacob had sons Joseph Lieb Kahana and Itshak Kahana. And Joseph Lieb Kahana married Reizl and they had a son David surnamed Goldenthal whom married Mollie. And David and Mollie’s children were Joseph, Bernard and Mary. And Joseph married Anna and Bernard married Annie Kantrowitz and Marie married a man surnamed Newman. And the children of Bernard and Annie are well chronicled in the books of the Goldenthals of Connecticutt and there is no need to describe their generations here. Of the children of Joseph and Anna we have no knowledge of their descendants. And Itshak Kahana married Sura Ryvka and they had children Zelman, Moses Samuel Gershon, and Kalonymus and all were surnamed Goldenthal. And of the children of Zelman and Kalonymus we have no record but Moses Samuel Gershon married Sara Meir and they had two children Baruch Mordecai Goldenthal and Leya Goldenthal. And of the descendants of Baruch Mordecia and his sister Leya we have no record.
And Abraham’s son Aharon Mordecai Kahana had a son Zanvil Kahana who in turn had a daughter Sara and that is all that is known of the descendants of Aharon Mordecai Kahana.
And Abraham’s son Joseph had sons Julius and Jakob and a third son Nathan Hirsch who were all originally surnamed Kahana. And Julius adopted the surname Goldenthal after his brother Jakob obtained it for all the family and had three sons named Israel, Saloman and Joseph Lieb Goldenthal. And Israel had a son Iosif and a daughter whose name has been forgotten. And Iosif had a son Alexander and a daughter Rakhil. And Alexander married Carolyn Klarsfeld and they had a son William and daughter Edith. And William married Simone Grere and they had a son Henry Alexander Goldenthal and a daughter Mariamne. And Henry Alexander married Nawal El Hachem and that is all that is known of the decendants of Iosif. And the daughter of Israel whose name has been forgotten married a man surnamed Halperin who had deserted the Russian army and needed to be hid away. They married and he in turn adopted the surname Goldenthal but in actuality his descendants are Halperin and there are many in this family living in Israel that go by the surname Goldenthal today.
And Saloman the Son of Julius had three daughters, Katharina, Bertha and Rosa and the descendants of these daughters has been lost to us.
And Joseph Lieb had a grandson Bruno Goldenthal but the name of the father of Bruno has been forgotten and these are the all the descendants of Julius Goldenthal.
And Julius’s brother Nathan Hirsch married Marie and they had three daughters, Sara (Chaje), Tobi, and Rebekah Goldenthal. And Sara married Abraham Virtman and their children were Samuel, Esther and Mihaley. And Tobi married Ignatz Klein and their children were Emmanuel, Leni, Marie and Rebekah. And Rebekah married Solomon Neuman and they had a daughter Marie. And these are all the descendants of Nathan Hirsch Goldenthal.
And the third brother of Julius and Nathan Hirsch was Jakob Kahana who was the first to obtain the surname Goldenthal when it was granted to him by Oswald Von Goldenthal, a German aristocrat who was the burgermeister of the town of Goldenthal. Now the stories of Jakob Goldenthal are well known not only because of what I have written but also what is recorded in the Royal Archives of Austria. It was Jakob that found the letter from the Emperor Rudolph of Austria that had been given to his ancestor Yusef Kahana on behalf of his father Yaakov Kahana and used the promises of the past Emperor to request favours from Franz Joseph the Emperor of his time. It was this letter that obtained a place in the University of Leipzig for Jakob Goldenthal though he had no formal education, and it was this letter that obtained him the position of Principal for the Jewish districts in the Ukraine. And it was this letter that obtained for him the position of Professor at the University of Vienna. And it was this letter by which he became private tutor for the Empress Elisabeth of Austria and her children only to live in the shadow of innuendo afterwards. But there were many good things that Jakob Goldenthal did that overshadowed those that accused him of doing evil to the community and to those that were involved in his life. And Jakob had three wives the first whom he left in Romania while he travelled and lived elsewhere in the Ukraine and Europe. And this wife whose name has been lost to us had a son David and a second son named Haim Moses. And David married Reyzyl whom was also called Rosa and they had a son Simon Zeev HaCohen Goldenthal and two daughters, Etlya and Sura. And Sura married Nakhman Rapoport and that is all that is known of her descendants. And Simon Zeev married Sara Zelda Fraida his cousin the daughter of Haim Moses and she had a sister Clara. And their children were Morris, Max, Emma, Bessie, Clara and Zvi Hirsch that was called Harry. And Harry married Sophie Herscovitz and they had many children of whom are my aunts and uncles. And their son Joseph was my father and that is the line of my tradition.
And Jakob’s took a younger wife Anna Goldenblum who was also known as Johanna and whom he married in Vienna. And together they had a daughter Sidonia who married Armin Reisman and they in turn had a daughter Irene.
And Jakob’s last wife was Rosa and the children of this marriage are unknown to us and their descendants may have perished in the Holocaust.
And the story of Jakob Goldenthal is yet to be written as part of the Kahana Chronicles for there are many things he did in his lifetime that also are worthy of remembering.

Monday, September 22, 2014

The Windows of Futures Past 5: The Coming of ISIS

Some of you are still not convinced that what was written in the book of Zechariah is to be applied to our present world. I can appreciate for many that the concept of prophecy is a hard pill to swallow. After all, your knowledge of the world filters down through CNN or NBC and in their media-centered world their is no tolerance for a concept such as prophecy. And more so, the fact that someone today could be graced with an enlightenment to decipher the messages of these ancient prophecies these same people find even more disturbing. To them, they have my sympathies. They will be unable to prepare for the events that will transpire over the next few years. They will still be in denial as their worlds come crashing down around them. As police raids in Sydney and London uncover terrorist cells determined to behead innocents, I can only express my concern that they believe they have stopped the unstoppable.

Zechariah 12, or what I refer to as my chapter 5 as you will see, practically spells out the events that we will soon witness as a result of ISIS. As the world dawdles, presenting unrealistic solutions such as flying 5000 Syrian resistance fighters to Saudi Arabia to train them for up to a year and then fly them back so they can take on the army of ISIS which will number closer to 50,000 by that time. This army of evil that ISIS represents will continue advancing, avoiding the drop of bombs from the air as they hide amongst civilian populations until they have entrenched themselves so firmly within Syria and Iraq that there will be no way to dislodge them. All the time they will be expanding outwards, consuming more land, invading more surrounding countries and killing more people in the process. 
Chapter 12 describes all this and even foretells the fall of Lebanon and Jordan as this army of evil amasses on the borders of Israel, causing terrible devastation in the Holy Land and the slaughter of innocents. There are even select phrases in Zechariah that clearly explain that this is an army from Syria-Iraq but more importantly, it informs us that they will be influencing groups all around the world that will bring a tide of anti-Semitism crashing against Jewish populations that foolishly considered themselves too isolated, too assimilated to have been threatened or concerned over events taking place in the Levant. But ultimately, as this chapter indicates, it will serve to unite us, to mobilize us, and finally we will find our true identity and then we will finally do as we have always been commanded to but failed to fulfill. Again, to those that understand my words, there will be no problem seeing the correlation of what Zechariah wrote to what I have seen and been told through my enlightenments. To those that still hesitate, unable to accept that there can be modern day prophecy, then I will provide a few more clues that might help in the conclusion of this segment. We are standing at the threshold. You can either fall into the pit or take that leap of faith and perhaps jump far enough to reach the other side. That is why this terror of ISIS has befallen us, for in the end it will cause those os us whom chose to believe, to rise to a higher moral standard and we will walk hand in hand with God, with whom we have struggled against and have resisted for far too long.
Once again I provide you the Hebrew original phonetically spelled, that standard interpretation of that Hebrew, and the words A-Z as they were presented to me to relate to you.

Zechariah Chapter 12

1 Masah devar-Yahweh, al Israel: neum Yahweh, noteh shamayim veyosaid eretz, veyotsair ruach-adam, bekirboi.
1 The burden of the word of the LORD concerning Israel. The saying of the LORD, who stretched forth the heavens, and laid the foundation of the earth, and formed the spirit of man within him:
A-Z: This burden of relating all that will happen concerning Israel, Yahweh has placed upon my shoulders and upon my lips, as He has done to others since the dawn of time to deliver His messages through man, to mankind. It is a heavy burden but those on whom his spirit has fallen cannot avoid the calling.

2 Henai anochi sum-Jerusalem saf-ra-al, lecol-ha-amim-saviv; vegum al-Judah yichyeh bamatzoir, al Jerusalem.
2 Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of staggering unto all the peoples round about, and upon Judah also shall it fall to be in the siege against Jerusalem.
A-Z: And those that come against Jerusalem will be drunk with the intoxication of their own power, the rivers of blood they have spilled will be like heavy wine, having devastated and slaughtered the surrounding nations. And the Jews in all lands will suffer simultaneously from the hatreds and prejudices of the people of other nations as Israel and Jerusalem are attacked. Their belief that Jerusalem will fall will embolden the enemy to bring their terror from within to every other country in the world for they are already there, and they will fall upon the Jews in those lands worse of all.

3 Vehayah bayoim-hahu ahsim et-Jerusalem evan ma-ahm-Asah, lacol-ha-amim—Kol-oimsehah, saroit yisraitu; vene-esfu alehah, kol goyay ha-eretz.
3 And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will make Jerusalem a stone of burden for all the peoples; all that burden themselves with it shall be sore wounded; and all the nations of the earth shall be gathered together against it.
A-Z: And when that time comes, which surely will, Jerusalem shall be oppressed by the people(ahm-Asah) of ISIS and the Jews within Israel will suffer terribly from the horrors of this war as many others will join this army of the enemy, that came against them. And other nations will gather to oppose the enemy but their efforts are too late and too little.

4 Beyoim hahu ne-um-Yahweh, akeh kol-sus batimahoin, verockvoi bashiga-oin; ve-al-bait Judah, efkat et-aina, ve-col sus ha-amim, ahkeh ba-ivaroin.
4 In that day, saith the LORD, I will smite every horse with bewilderment, and his rider with madness; and I will open Mine eyes upon the house of Judah, and will smite every horse of the peoples with blindness.
A-Z: And when that time comes, which surely will, Yahweh will take pity upon his people and he will bring down destruction upon those that have attacked the Jews, sending their war machines and their armies into disarray, and their annihilation will be like a plague that strikes them down for the crimes they have committed.

5 Ve-amru ahlufai Judah, belibum: ahmtsah li yoishvai Jerusalem, ba-Yahweh tzevaoit elohaihem.
5 And the chiefs of Judah shall say in their heart: 'The inhabitants of Jerusalem are my strength through the LORD of hosts their God.'
A-Z: and the leaders amongst the Jews all around the world will find courage as they witness the turn of events in Israel, and they will rise against those that oppressed them in all these other lands, and when others from amongst the gentiles see how Yahweh has defended Jerusalem, this will be an inspiration to all that believe in the God of Israel.

6 Beyoim hahu ahsim et-ahlufai Judah keciyoir aish be-aitzim, uchlafid aish be-ahmir, ve-achlu al-yamin ve-al-semoil et-kol-ha-amim, saviv; veyashvah Jerusalem oid tachtihah be-Jerusalem.
6 In that day will I make the chiefs of Judah like a pan of fire among the wood, and like a torch of fire among sheaves; and they shall devour all the peoples round about, on the right hand and on the left; and Jerusalem shall be inhabited again in her own place, even in Jerusalem.
A-Z: And when that day comes, which it surely will, the leaders of the Jews and their allies will unleash weapons of such mass destruction that they scorch all the surrounding lands and obliterate every country that has threatened Israel, but the fallout shall not harm Israel proper for these weapons have been delivered directly into the heartlands of the enemy.

7 Vehoishiyah Yahweh et-ah-halai Judah, barishoinah: lema-an lo-tigdal tiferet bait David, vetiferet yoishaiv Jerusalem al Judah.
7 The LORD also shall save the tents of Judah first, that the glory of the house of David and the glory of the inhabitants of Jerusalem be not magnified above Judah.
A-Z: Yahweh will deliver the Jews of the Diaspora and the followers of the one God from other lands first, and they will fight battles throughout the world and be victorious so that even those in Israel will know that this world-wide battle was won by the believers in Yahweh and their determination, their resistance and their faith, which tilted this war finally in favour of Israel and its supporters.

8 Beyoim hahu, yagain Yahweh be-ad yoishaiv Jerusalem, vehayah hanikshal behem beyoim hahu, ke-David; ubait David kay-Elohim, kemalaf Judah lifnaihem.
8 In that day shall the LORD defend the inhabitants of Jerusalem; and he that stumbleth among them at that day shall be as David; and the house of David shall be as a godlike being, as the angel of the LORD before them.
A-Z: And when that day comes, which surely will, the world will witness the true warrior spirit of the Jews, as they were in the time of David, and also those who are believers in God that came and slowly joined their ranks, all of them will fight with a courage and valour that is superhuman and all that witness will know that God has stood with them.

9 Vehayah, beyoim hahu; ahvakaish lehashmid et-kol-haGoyim haba-im, al Jerusalem.
9 And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.
A-Z: And when that day comes, which it surely will, all the nations, and all the many people that rose up against Israel and tried to take Jerusalem will be crushed beyond any recovery, annihilated never to rise again.

10 Veshfackti al-bait David ve-al yoishaiv Jerusalem, ruach chain vetachanunim, vehibitu aila, ait asher-dakaru; vesafdu ahlav, kemispaid al-hayachid, vehamair ahlav kehamair al-habkoir.
10 And I will pour upon the house of David, and upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the spirit of grace and of supplication; and they shall look unto Me because they have thrust him through; and they shall mourn for him, as one mourneth for his only son, and shall be in bitterness for him, as one that is in bitterness for his first-born.
A-Z: And the Jews both within and without Israel will be saved and they will thank the Lord for His deliverance after they have slain their enemies, but they will also be filled with great mourning for the losses they have suffered. Their pain will be unimaginable as every family will have lost someone that they knew and loved.

11 Beyoim hahu, yigdal hamispaid be-Jerusalem, kemispad hadadrimoin bevikat Megiddon.
11 In that day shall there be a great mourning in Jerusalem, as the mourning of Hadadrimmon in the valley of Megiddon.
A-Z: And when that day comes, which it surely will, the mourning of the Jews for the suffering in Israel will be louder even than those cursed remnants mourning for the Syrian-Iraqis that were crushed in this battle of Armageddon because the cries of the righteous will always outweigh those of the accursed.

12 Vesafdah ha-eretz, mishpachot mishpachot levad: mishpachot bait-David levad, unshaichem levad—mishpachot bait-Nathan levad, unshaichem levad.
12 And the land shall mourn, every family apart: the family of the house of David apart, and their wives apart; the family of the house of Nathan apart, and their wives apart;
A-Z: And all those in Israel and the Jews abroad will mourn their losses, for no family will have been spared and they will all grieve no matter what their status in life, neither those wealthy as a king or those poor as the prophet for they have all suffered and they will bear that suffering on their own and in their own way.

13 Mishpachot bait-Levi levad, unshaichem levad, mishpachot ha-Shimi levad, unshaichem levad.
13 The family of the house of Levi apart, and their wives apart; the family of the Shimeites apart, and their wives apart;
A-Z: Every family, whether Karaite, or Rabbanite, or even the Children of Israel from foreign lands, will be filled with remorse for they will have had their families ripped apart by this terrible war.

14 Kol, ha-mishpachot hanisharoit mishpachot mishpachot, levad; unshaichem, levad.
14 All the families that remain, every family apart, and their wives apart.
A-Z: And the shock and horror will mar every family that survives, and they will come to realize that those that follow God have always been hated by this world, always held in disdain and this reckoning was therefore unavoidable. They were always a people apart and now they will understand.


                                                                                  THE SYRIAN-IRAQI STATE

In Conclusion

I suggested that there were hidden clues that indicated the rise of ISIS within the words of Zechariah. They are present and they are significant:
Sentence 11 of this Chapter provides one such significant clue. To those that have studied ancient mid eastern religions, you will recognize the use of Hadadrimmon. It is a conjugation of two nouns, each representing a false god from ancient Mesopotamia. Hadad from Syria, Rimmon from Iraq, the conjugation of these two should be seen as a clear indication of a union between Syrian and Iraqi elements, just as ISIS represents that same union. Coincidence, hardly, for as you all know, I have repeatedly stated there are no coincidences when it comes to events as they unfold because the intended message from Yahweh is clear and precise.
But what is very interesting occurs in sentence 3 where Zechariah uses the phase 'evan ahm-Asah' which has been always translated as a stone upon all the peoples but does not use the words 'evan al amim' but instead uses a terminology that the stone is actually from a people 'asah". As there was no people correlating to Asah back then, it was ignored but it can be ignored no longer. Whether it be Assur, Ahserah, or even Shah, that was actually being referred to, they are all words pointing to the rise of the enemy from the surrounds of northern Syria, Iraq and western Iran. This was Assyria or Assur, the land ruled by the religion of Ahserah, and ruled by the Caliph or Shah. Asah, therefore is ISIS or ISIL or whatever name they will bear tomorrow. And they are the stone that is now hanging around all our necks and pulling us towards impending doom. Our necks are bared and their scimitars are raised above us.
Read the words over and over until you recognize that we are facing a danger now that all the threats against us in the past pale against. The world must see this threat for what it truly is and recognize that if we do not act now, we cannot and will not prevent the level of destruction that has been predicted. We may not be able to stop the events about to unfold but perhaps there's a chance we can lessen the impact if we all recognize that Yahweh through the prophecies is giving us a chance to change or modify the future before it happens. A chance to fight now, before any resistance comes too late!
Shalom Aleichim
Avrom Aryeh-Zuk Kahana

Sunday, September 9, 2012

World War III: The American Dream

World War III: Hey Mr. President

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Dear Mr. President,
It is not my normal practice to partake in political discussions and I certainly don't want to make it a habit but when I see my self staring down the barrel of a rifle in the Third World War, then I have to become concerned. I can't understand what you and Hillary are trying to achieve but it is obvious that the United States goal is to undermine the prospects of peace and stability in Eastern and Southern Asia. Personally, I would have thought you would be too busy focusing on Syria with your latest statement that America has the right to invade that country if there should be any hint of chemical weapons. I do remember something similar about Weapons of Mass Destruction which justified the invasion of Iraq only to discover that there were no such weapons.
I'm not even certain if the American public is aware of your government's mechinations over here in Asia. How you are militarizing Japan, a country which according to the agreement at the end of WWII would never be permitted to have anything more than a Self Defence Force. Does the American public know about the sale of the Osprey aircraft which will provide Japan with invasion capabilities? Is it aware that you have been involved in military war games with the Philippines, Korea, Japan and a host of other countries in this part of the world for the past few months? Are they aware that you conducted joint military activities with 28 Pacific Rim nations in July but you failed to involve China, instead choosing to isolate it as the nation with whom the exercises would be designed against? Oversight, you might argue. How does one overlook the number two economic power in the world. By not even offering China observer status you actions and intentions were quite obvious.
As a foreigner living in China, I have a right to be concerned. I don't want to be facing Armegeddon because the USA decided it would support nations in a military struggle over what are nothing more than largely uninhabited islands. The Chinese have a historical claim to the Daiyu Islands. In fact until Japan invaded the islands prior to World War II there never was any question as to their ownership. Following the war it was the American government that laid claim to the islands for strategic purposes and in 1964 signed an agreement with Japan that they would return it to them in the future, completely overlooking the fact that it was only through Japanese imperialism and agression that they had any claim to the Daiyu. Rewarding imperialistic military agression may be something the US government now sanctifies but the islands were never yours to award to any country. So now we have a situation where an increasing beligerant Japan that has angered not only China, but also South Korea over the Dokdo Islands and Russia with its claims to islands that rightfully belong to those countries and it is being fully supported by your government.
Once again this week your military is conducting joint US marine and Japanese exercises. They have just begun and will continue for a month, designed specifically on 'how to retake an island' after it is seized by a foreign power does very little to ease tensions in the area. I think the Japanese already are well versed and experienced in island warfare having made it there fighting style back in WWII. I think we should all take a valuable lesson from Napolean who stated two hundred years ago, "Do not awake the Dragon." This is exactly what you propose to do and the question I have for you is why? To further amplify the right wing rhetoric in Japan with their dreams of a revived imperialism and militaristic state make no sense at all unless it is your intention to release havoc and war on this part of the world. Last week Japanese Cabinet Ministers went to a war memorial site to honour several of their war criminals. The Prime Minister suggested (not ordered) them not to do it. They went anyway. They have been emboldened and encouraged by your support of their militarization. In many ways, the Japanese war Criminals were the equal or in fact superior in their inhumanity than the Nazis of Germany. At least the post war German government apologized to all its victims of Nazism, the Japanese governments have never done so, and still refuse to officially do so.

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I have thought long and hard about that question as to why the US would be actively promoting tensions in Southeast Asia. Why it would encourage the Philippines to assert itself by building up its military even though it would never be able to survive such an engagement if it became involved? Why would Hillary Clinton be visiting all the countries that surround China and signing mutual defense accords as she attempts to ring China in a wall of rockets and guns? Why the Secretary of Defense Louis Pino would come to this part of the world to announce that by 2020 the US will have 60% of its fleets stationed in the South China Sea? It was always my belief that the purpose of the American fleet was to have it ready in regional hotspots. If that is the case, then what your Secretary was stating was that this will be a hotspot by that year. This means that the Eastern Mediterranian and Persian Gulf with their reality of constant warfare, interruption of oil vessels, blockage of sealanes, piracy and kidnapping will not even deter the relocation of the fleet to what is currently a relatively quiet region. So I have to ask you Mr. President, once more, what is your true intention. Are you intending to unleash World War III over a group of uninhabited islands?
And when I ask these questions, there is one answer that comes to mind. And it is economic in origins. When you came to power and borrowed close to 5 Trillion Dollars from China, you placed every man, woman and child in America into debt to the tune of $20,000 each. They don't have it. Your government doesn't have it. The debt cannot be repayed and the country faces bankruptcy. Unless, and I repeat, unless you were in a state of war with the country you were indebted to. Then you wouldn't have to pay back at all. Just as you have frozen assets and money from all other countries that you have disagreements with, you could do the same to the loan. Could this really be the true intention behind this provocation in Asia? Are you really willing to begin the war to end all wars over your country's financial crisis. Will this be your legacy in the White House. The man that caused worldwide devastastion? I pray you have a greater vision that this.
I have been around long enough to remember an America that stood for far more. I remember an America that stood for justice and freedom. That was willing to standup against the bully and fight for the little guy. I remember when Captain America was more than a comic book and was instead a badge of honour that all Americans could carry proudly wherever they went in the world. People from other countries looked up to you, even envied you for what you represented. And now, you have become that bully. That nation that says, "My way or the Highway."
I ask you Mr. President, think long and hard about what you are doing and what you will achieve with this provocation. There were those that said you represented the fulfillment of Revelations when you came to power. The man that all believed and follwed, only to set the world ablaze in its devestating war. Not being a Christian, I don't believe in that scenario but I do believe it is possible for one man to cause such massive destruction. The same way I believe that one man can stop it from happening as well.
I appeal to you Mr. President, as a man of honour that I hope you are, a man of integrity that I imagine you could be, find the path of Peace. Sheath the weapons and the rhetoric and find ways to negotiate settlements without the sacrifice of lives. If there must be a war then let it be for the reasons that America once stood proud and defiant to defend in the past. To protect the weak, the innocent. Not defending resistance fighters that cannot be distinguished from the terrorists or government soldiers they fight against. Who once in power will be just as inhumane and barbaric as their predecessors. Fight for justice. Fight for the children of this world but never fight over economics and self-serving ideals.
Dr. Allen Goldenthal

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wisdom of Kahana: Evil of Our World

Wisdom of Kahana:  Evil

Many times, I have been questioned regarding my disbelief in ‘Satan’ as the demigod of evil that is preached within so many other religious circles and factions. And though we do have mention of Satan in Job and Zechariah, that in no way infers that there is anything more to his existence than as a herald or servant of YHWH. As Karaite, my beliefs are based on the Tanakh and if it is not stated within those books, then I am not about to extrapolate and manifest some Hell-world with a lord of Darkness as other religions have done. But the world has built an entire industry based upon this heavenly servitor as being evil incarnate and the real question posed to me should have been phrased, “Why have we created a Satan,” and then I would have responded thusly:
If we examine the references to Satan as being the enemy of humanity, and his avowed purpose to destroy all virtue, then we automatically assume his opponents are the friends of humanity and the upholders of virtue. We accord them great tribute and recognition far beyond the status of normal men. Those that adopt the mantle of being opponents of Satan in turn become the source of our tranquillity and happiness because we take comfort in knowing that they are our shield against harm. In return over the ages we have given them our silver and our gold, to buy protection from the threat of Satan and many still continue to do so. And while the people huddled through history in their thatched wooden homes, with the winter’s draft seeping deep to the bone, those that amassed this fortune in gold and silver dwelt in the lap of luxury, sitting warm by their blazing fires and feasting upon the food wilfully donated to them by those same evil fearing people.

The Industrialization of Evil Inc.

Yes, without Satan, these religious teachers, those Priests, Rabbis, Ministers, Imams and Ayatollahs would not have prospered and benefitted from their wisdom and knowledge in the counteracting of Satan’s threats. Satan was the weapon of choice upon which they defended their careers and by which they could justify all their deeds. Without Satan there would be no fear of the unknown and man would no longer require an intermediary to intercede on his behalf with God. For then each man would know the extent of his own sin and recognize that each of us was responsible for our own actions and no longer could excuse our unacceptable behaviours on a being that we created to bear the guilt of all our transgressions by leading us astray through lies, guile and possession.

No longer would the people buy their beads, blessed objects, talismans and sacred scriptures to ward off the external evil that no longer existed. How many would lose their livelihood when the manufacturing of these items was deemed unnecessary? What would those people do, whose only vocation was to benefit from the fears and anxieties of those unclear about the true path to God? Then we would see a world in turmoil because it has only been through that fostered fear that man has made some of his greatest achievements. Monumental structures that extend the limits of architectural science that are built for one purpose only, so that we can find refuge from Satan’s evil. Spires that reach to the heavens, bells that ring melodious through the extent of the countryside and provide the excuse for communities to compete for bragging rights as to which sanctuary was larger or more beautiful or more expensive in its construction than the other.

And in those golden houses, built with the sweat and coin from those that feared the coming of Satan, they would raise their voices in consternation, begging to be protected from the evil force that despised man with every breath. They would plead with God to answer why Satan detests mankind to such an extent and those that pocketed their donations would answer, “Because God chose to love you more.” But sadly none would ever ask, “More than what?” for therein lies the ruination of their argument and the demise of their gilded empire. It matters little if YHWH loved humankind above the other spiritual beings he created. In His power and His wisdom, He would have accounted for such a contingency and would surely protect that which He loved. Nor would He have denied us freewill because that would have meant enslavement and since He loved us that would not have been permissible. The choice of which path to follow has always been our own and man has always been the master of his own destiny. Only through ignorance did we blame all the evils that befell us on an entity known as Satan. We gave him credit for the storms that destroyed our villages, for the rain that caused our floods and the sun that baked our lands so that they cracked and splintered until famine overtook our countyside. The plagues that felled us in the millions or caused our cattle and sheep to wither and die, we cast at Satan’s feet. The pestilence and the quaking earth we prayed would pass for we never intended to sin, only that Satan had led us astray in a moment of weakness. The wars, the hatred, the wishing on our part for a fellow human being to be laid low and to die, those stem from within our own existence, and can be seen throughout the animal kingdom. They are innate responses that have always existed within us since the dawn of time and it is only by our own will that we can suppress them. Not all the prayers within these golden cathedrals or all the money we can cast at those that claim they will deliver us from Satan’s clutches will eliminate that which has always existed within that part of our brain that is feral. Only you have the ability to do so for yourself. Far easier for those that fail to exclaim, “Satan made me do it,” than to acknowledge their own weakness.

Our Evil Within

Do not place your guilt into the hands of those who claim they are a weapon against Satan. The guilt is yours alone to bear, for the evil is something that you manifest on your own. It sprouts like a tree in a fertile garden if you permit it to do so for evil if given the opportunity will find other evil. For every place erected to supposedly fight such evil there is an equal institution built and dedicated to exalt and perpetuate mankind’s willingness to follow that other path. Once again, entire industries to provide the wanton pleasures of the hedonist, the sadist, and those enamoured by the darker pursuits. One merely has to scan the Web to appreciate how Satan has been used as the provocation for man’s originality of thought. Facebook and other social pages have become a tell all tales of incredulous aberrations for no other reason that some people do take pleasure in performing wicked deeds. Satan does not have an internet connection, man does. Eliminate Satan from the equation and we acknowledge that evil is not some supernatural force but instead a natural product of mankind.

Do not pray to God to be delivered from evil, but instead ask that you are given the strength and wisdom to overcome your own evil thoughts and intentions. Give not your gold and silver to the hollow dens of Satan-free Zones, but instead find comfort in the homes and gathering places of those of similar mind that wish to encounter God face to face upon their own terms. For often there is more evil plotted and committed in those gold gilded palaces than in all the neighbouring dens of iniquity. Acknowledge that we are all sinners, we are the source of evil upon this world and then you will fully understand why you are standing before God and praying for forgiveness. Appreciate that you exist in order to achieve an existence free of vice and sin and then you will have found purpose in living. Know that it often appears to be a never ending battle and you will find hope in knowing you gain strength with every skirmish. Perceive that it is not an easy task but nor is it impossible and not all the money in the world will free you from this Business of Evil.

Avrom Aryeh-Zuk Kahana

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Meaning of Liife

Wisdom Of Kahana: The Meaning of Life

Often I am asked about the seeming unfairness of life, the incongruities that exist where evil is often rewarded and the pursuit of goodness tends to lead to nothing but unbearable suffering and being hurt constantly. And this imbalance often is turned into a question about whether God even pays attention to our prayers and if he is truly omnipotent. After all, how could He not believe in those that believe in Him? It is not a Karaite issue, or a Rabbanite issue, or that of any other religion; it is one about the relationship between God and man. The answer is inextricably entwined into understanding the purpose and nature of life. Not life as in being animate, existing, and breathing, but life as in, ‘why we are here at all.’ So often man has quested for the meaning of life, never thinking that perhaps we already have that answer. If we were to take the time to meditate upon our existence, to actually assess the powers we have in our possession, then all would become crystal clear. We would realize that we have the ability to fulfil our needs and satisfy our desires. But too often we want more than we need and desire that which we don’t and then instead of being enlightened by life’s meaning we are instead dissatisfied and curse our very existence. We have knowledge, we have wisdom and we have the ability to change our world, but still we question why we are stuck with the life we had. Why, because we think once we have established what we consider some order in our lives that it should remain in place. But nothing remains forever. Change is the constant. Life is a continuous ebb and flow. Nothing is intended to remain permanent and understanding life is learning how to embrace that change. Accept who we are and what we are. Accept it gladly and without resignation or condemnation. See life not as a hardship or an affliction that must be borne but as a contest that must be won. We must rise to meet that challenge and not let it overwhelm us nor deter us from our goals.

Finding Life's Meaning

Like the gears in a clock, life is a constant movement and the only way we can exert any control is building those gears with central pins welded to an immovable base. A foundation that remains unchanging, that cannot be altered or overruled. That platform must be constructed from the faith we have in God, unalterable, unfailing, and unchanging. And it is from that solid base that we derive our wisdom, our knowledge and develop the skills necessary by which we can face life’s changes. The number of the gears, the size of the gears, number of teeth each gear has and how they are placed are all up to us and completely within our control; no one else’s. If we take our time to place the gears properly like a seasoned watchmaker then ultimately we will construct a timepiece that serves its purpose well. Some of will construct a Rolex, others merely a Casio. But even those that can only construct a Casio, if they study hard, learn from other masters, will eventually build a Rolex too. To do so means asking questions, taking advice, listening to others, and so often that is where we fail. Foolish pride often gets in the way of our ability to listen to others that are trying to help us. And when things go wrong, we will sooner blame others for that failure in our lives than accept our own responsibility.
Life’s adversities will provide us with pains like arrows through the heart, fill our mouths with vinegar like bile, crush our spirit until we feel we are unable to stand. But without such pain we cannot develop, we cannot grow, we cannot mature. Easy words for me to say I know you are thinking, made even more bitter when we see others to whom life appears to be more generous, providing them with far more than they merit or deserve only through the chance of a higher birth, unusual streak of luck, or the gift of treasures unwarranted. It is true, the path is not even, it is not always fair, but it is equally true that the going will not always be rough and there will be good times. We must learn how to make those good times, as fleeting as they might appear to exceedingly overshadow the bad times which plague us. Similarly those that have been raised high must always fear the possibility of being cast down. Our lives are neither short nor long, but the required length in which to achieve an understanding of life. Each one of us is intended to leave our impression upon this Earth so that those that we leave behind will retain a grateful memory of our lives while we were here. It is our choice whether we leave them with sour and foul memories of our existence or with a sense of admiration of how we continually faced adversity and found comfort from within to still be a better person than most would have expected from similar circumstances. And in turn we will pass that quality and understanding to our children so that they too may benefit from what we have learned.
The measure of a wise man is that he will always live his life to the fullest and will be grateful for the life he had. The foolish man is always begrudging what he has and keeps saying that tomorrow he will begin again but every tomorrow is followed by another and another. The coward never begins to live, never accepts the challenge, dying as he lived with nothing achieved. For those whom have only half lived I can say that you are already half dead. Life is to be enjoyed, savoured, relished and celebrated to its fullest. We are only tested by our weaknesses but never by our strengths. Doubts and worry dog us every day of our lives but these pressures force us to seek the wisdom that lies within all of us. Now is the time to live; not tomorrow and never later. Today we make a choice on the meaning of our own life.
Avrom Aryeh-Zuk Kahana