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World War III: The American Dream

World War III: Hey Mr. President

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Dear Mr. President,
It is not my normal practice to partake in political discussions and I certainly don't want to make it a habit but when I see my self staring down the barrel of a rifle in the Third World War, then I have to become concerned. I can't understand what you and Hillary are trying to achieve but it is obvious that the United States goal is to undermine the prospects of peace and stability in Eastern and Southern Asia. Personally, I would have thought you would be too busy focusing on Syria with your latest statement that America has the right to invade that country if there should be any hint of chemical weapons. I do remember something similar about Weapons of Mass Destruction which justified the invasion of Iraq only to discover that there were no such weapons.
I'm not even certain if the American public is aware of your government's mechinations over here in Asia. How you are militarizing Japan, a country which according to the agreement at the end of WWII would never be permitted to have anything more than a Self Defence Force. Does the American public know about the sale of the Osprey aircraft which will provide Japan with invasion capabilities? Is it aware that you have been involved in military war games with the Philippines, Korea, Japan and a host of other countries in this part of the world for the past few months? Are they aware that you conducted joint military activities with 28 Pacific Rim nations in July but you failed to involve China, instead choosing to isolate it as the nation with whom the exercises would be designed against? Oversight, you might argue. How does one overlook the number two economic power in the world. By not even offering China observer status you actions and intentions were quite obvious.
As a foreigner living in China, I have a right to be concerned. I don't want to be facing Armegeddon because the USA decided it would support nations in a military struggle over what are nothing more than largely uninhabited islands. The Chinese have a historical claim to the Daiyu Islands. In fact until Japan invaded the islands prior to World War II there never was any question as to their ownership. Following the war it was the American government that laid claim to the islands for strategic purposes and in 1964 signed an agreement with Japan that they would return it to them in the future, completely overlooking the fact that it was only through Japanese imperialism and agression that they had any claim to the Daiyu. Rewarding imperialistic military agression may be something the US government now sanctifies but the islands were never yours to award to any country. So now we have a situation where an increasing beligerant Japan that has angered not only China, but also South Korea over the Dokdo Islands and Russia with its claims to islands that rightfully belong to those countries and it is being fully supported by your government.
Once again this week your military is conducting joint US marine and Japanese exercises. They have just begun and will continue for a month, designed specifically on 'how to retake an island' after it is seized by a foreign power does very little to ease tensions in the area. I think the Japanese already are well versed and experienced in island warfare having made it there fighting style back in WWII. I think we should all take a valuable lesson from Napolean who stated two hundred years ago, "Do not awake the Dragon." This is exactly what you propose to do and the question I have for you is why? To further amplify the right wing rhetoric in Japan with their dreams of a revived imperialism and militaristic state make no sense at all unless it is your intention to release havoc and war on this part of the world. Last week Japanese Cabinet Ministers went to a war memorial site to honour several of their war criminals. The Prime Minister suggested (not ordered) them not to do it. They went anyway. They have been emboldened and encouraged by your support of their militarization. In many ways, the Japanese war Criminals were the equal or in fact superior in their inhumanity than the Nazis of Germany. At least the post war German government apologized to all its victims of Nazism, the Japanese governments have never done so, and still refuse to officially do so.

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I have thought long and hard about that question as to why the US would be actively promoting tensions in Southeast Asia. Why it would encourage the Philippines to assert itself by building up its military even though it would never be able to survive such an engagement if it became involved? Why would Hillary Clinton be visiting all the countries that surround China and signing mutual defense accords as she attempts to ring China in a wall of rockets and guns? Why the Secretary of Defense Louis Pino would come to this part of the world to announce that by 2020 the US will have 60% of its fleets stationed in the South China Sea? It was always my belief that the purpose of the American fleet was to have it ready in regional hotspots. If that is the case, then what your Secretary was stating was that this will be a hotspot by that year. This means that the Eastern Mediterranian and Persian Gulf with their reality of constant warfare, interruption of oil vessels, blockage of sealanes, piracy and kidnapping will not even deter the relocation of the fleet to what is currently a relatively quiet region. So I have to ask you Mr. President, once more, what is your true intention. Are you intending to unleash World War III over a group of uninhabited islands?
And when I ask these questions, there is one answer that comes to mind. And it is economic in origins. When you came to power and borrowed close to 5 Trillion Dollars from China, you placed every man, woman and child in America into debt to the tune of $20,000 each. They don't have it. Your government doesn't have it. The debt cannot be repayed and the country faces bankruptcy. Unless, and I repeat, unless you were in a state of war with the country you were indebted to. Then you wouldn't have to pay back at all. Just as you have frozen assets and money from all other countries that you have disagreements with, you could do the same to the loan. Could this really be the true intention behind this provocation in Asia? Are you really willing to begin the war to end all wars over your country's financial crisis. Will this be your legacy in the White House. The man that caused worldwide devastastion? I pray you have a greater vision that this.
I have been around long enough to remember an America that stood for far more. I remember an America that stood for justice and freedom. That was willing to standup against the bully and fight for the little guy. I remember when Captain America was more than a comic book and was instead a badge of honour that all Americans could carry proudly wherever they went in the world. People from other countries looked up to you, even envied you for what you represented. And now, you have become that bully. That nation that says, "My way or the Highway."
I ask you Mr. President, think long and hard about what you are doing and what you will achieve with this provocation. There were those that said you represented the fulfillment of Revelations when you came to power. The man that all believed and follwed, only to set the world ablaze in its devestating war. Not being a Christian, I don't believe in that scenario but I do believe it is possible for one man to cause such massive destruction. The same way I believe that one man can stop it from happening as well.
I appeal to you Mr. President, as a man of honour that I hope you are, a man of integrity that I imagine you could be, find the path of Peace. Sheath the weapons and the rhetoric and find ways to negotiate settlements without the sacrifice of lives. If there must be a war then let it be for the reasons that America once stood proud and defiant to defend in the past. To protect the weak, the innocent. Not defending resistance fighters that cannot be distinguished from the terrorists or government soldiers they fight against. Who once in power will be just as inhumane and barbaric as their predecessors. Fight for justice. Fight for the children of this world but never fight over economics and self-serving ideals.
Dr. Allen Goldenthal

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